Regional Observatories for the Public Network


     In addition to the main National Observatory at Doi Inthanon, NARIT has been committed to establish 5 more regional observatories scattered through the five geographical zones of the country. These observatories, though modest in scale comparing to the main National Observatory, will allow the public in the areas and nearby districts to gain better access to information in astronomy and space technology. Consequently, this will strengthen the infrastructure of the nation?s capacity in astronomy and space technology and will contribute to capacity building in education and even research in the field in the long run. It is speculated that through these regional observatories, collaboration and cooperation between the well established in big cities and the rural ones will substantialize.



Regional Observatory for the Public, Nakhon Ratchasima



Regional Observatory for the Public, Cha Cheong Sao


The five regional public observatories will be situated in Nakorn Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Chachoengsao, Pitsanuloke and Songkla, representing the lower north eastern, the upper north eastern, the eastern, the lower northern and the southern parts of Thailand respectively. Each of the so-mentioned public observatories is equipped with a 0.5 meter telescope, a CCD camera, and a spectrograph. Most of them are expected to operate in their full capacities not later than 2015.


The already existing observatory in the North, Sirindhorn Observatory, has become a alliance of NARIT observatories in early 2009.